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[greenyes] Epson "recycles" smart cartridges into energy

apparently since they are not refillable, school kids can learn that incineration is also recycling!

{in today's Recycling Today enews--}

Epson Offering Program to Recycle Ink Cartridges


Epson America announced that it is continuing its partnership with FundingFactory that allows schools and nonprofits nationwide to return ink cartridges for rewards that can boost fundraising efforts and help the environment. Educational and nonprofit organizations can earn points by collecting genuine Epson ink cartridges and sending them to FundingFactory for recycling. The cartridges will be converted to energy through an environmentally sound incineration process at a licensed waste-to-energy recycling facility.

Participation in FundingFactory is free to all schools and nonprofit organizations. Once an organization registers at, materials are sent to help them launch the program and start earning points in an easy-to-use online account. The account is credited with points for every eligible Epson cartridge sent to FundingFactory; those points can be redeemed by the organization for cash and/or equipment.

"Our program partners are ecstatic about the new partnership with Epson," said Sean Michaels, general manager, FundingFactory. "They have been asking us to bring Epson on board for quite some time so they can buy industry leading products for their classrooms and offices."

"Epson is proud to support schools and nonprofits by offering a recycling program that has great rewards," said John Dillender, vice president, service and support, Epson. "All of us must play a role in protecting the environment and this program does a fine job of motivating and rewarding the efforts of those who recycle."

For information about Epson and its products, call 1-800-GO-EPSON or visit the web site at

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

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