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[greenyes] MRF Costs

While we are all debating the "cost"of recycling was wondering if y'all might be able help with cost on more specific terms.
I am in the process of developing a MRF in Santa Fe, NM and trying to work out a related cost analysis. We intend to retrofit a +/- 50 TPD MRF into New Mexico's Taj Mahal of trash, a 44,000 square foot transfer station exactly 8 miles from the landfill.....comical isn't it! Anywho, I am looking for overhead estimates on a similar facility; electric, equip. maintenance (baler and sortline), operating supplies, etc. Our proposed MRF will handle about 50 tpd, include a six position sort line with at least a cross belt mag and potentially an OCC screen. As labor situations vary widely in this business, I will cost labor based on local conditions.....but am looking for some experienced hard overhead costs.....
Any help will be greatly appreciated...and kept confidential if you like...

Justin Stockdale
Recycling Coordinator
Santa Fe Solid Waste Management Agency
PO Box 6189
Santa Fe, NM 87502-6189

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