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[greenyes] NYC Zero Waste Plan Now Online

NYC Zero Waste Plan Now Online
Green Worker Cooperatives has been part of a coalition of over 40
organizations that have been working together over the past year to come up with a
detailed plan the City of New York can use to reduce the amount of garbage produced
in NYC to ZERO (or darn close to it). That plan, "Reaching For Zero: The
Citizens' Plan for Zero Waste in NYC" is now available online for your review.
You can find it at:

For those of you in NYC, please review the report and be sure to attend the
next City Council hearing on the City’s 20-year Solid Waste Management Plan and
tell them that the City should be “Reaching for Zero!” We will keep you
updated on when and where those hearings will take place. In the meantime, let
your Council member and the Speaker know that you want a goal of Zero Waste in
the 20-year Solid Waste Management Plan and refer them to the copy of
"Reaching for Zero" that was sent to them. You can find your Council members contact
information at:

Contained in the plan are realistic and effective strategies that can be
incorporated into the City's upcoming 20-year Solid Waste Management Plan. A
special thanks to all of the organizations and individuals that worked hard to
complete this plan, especially Timothy J.W. Logan, who facilitated the process;
and the report’s principal authors – Resa Dimino - our illustrious board
member, and Barbara Warren, both of whom took our thoughts, concerns, real world
case studies, and local realities, and turned them into a comprehensive
blueprint for dealing with NYC’s garbage crisis – and the South Bronx’s health and
job crisis.

GWC featured at International Recycling Conference this month
Over the course of nine days beginning August 26th, the San Francisco Bay
Area will play host to up to five conferences and mini-conferences, all of them
focused on recycling, reuse, and other waste reduction practices such as
deconstruction. As part of the GrassRoots Recycling Network’s “Zero Waste Action
Network Conference” on August 26th, GWC’s Omar Freilla will be presenting on
GWC’s work and the vision for a green manufacturing industry based on
environmental and economic justice. If you live in the Bay Area or are already
planning on attending this international gathering, or any of the other conferences,
please come through and check out what we have to say. For more info on the
Zero Waste Action Network conference go to

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