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RE: [greenyes] Recycling programs not cost effective

The NRC has published reports on the economic benefits of recycling (jobs
creation, for example) that are useful when communicating with the public.
You can check them out at Look for links under the NRC
Advocacy for Recycling heading on the main page.

Melinda Uerling
Recycle Ann Arbor

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From: Buford Hill [mailto:garbageman@no.address]
Sent: Wednesday, August 18, 2004 11:13 AM
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Subject: [greenyes] Recycling programs not cost effective

Hello all,

I live in Dickenson County Virginia. One of the poorest counties in the
state now that the Coal business is failing. I previously worked for the
County Solid Waste Department. It was my hopes that the county would
implement a recycling program to enhance the curbside pick-up program that
they started in 1995. I worked hard to find information and resources to
present to the Board of Supervisors. They were always against it because "It
would cost too much". That was 3 years ago.

Recently I was appointed to a Litter Control Ordinance Review Committee.
This committee was formed to make recommendations for a body of Ordinances
to fight the litter throughout our county. Although we have a Solid Waste
Ordinance that covers the same material presented by the county
administration, they feel that they need a specialized litter ordinance.

On this committee is the County Administrator, Director of Solid Waste, A
Board of Supervisors member, The Litter Control Coordinator, The Litter
Control Officer, Virginia General Assembly Delegate Clarence (Bud) Phillips
and myself. The Commonwealth Attorney and some private citizens were asked
to be there to assist in devising this Litter Control Ordinance but failed
to attend.

My concern is that the bureaucrats on the committee are against any type of
recycling through the Solid Waste stream giving the same worn out excuse "It
would cost too much". Stressing that there are no markets for the materials.
Del. Phillips even stressed studies that were done by the State of Virginia
that say it is NOT cost affective. Although he did not provide any
documentation to back his statements.

Is this the reality of Recycling? Does it cost too much to implement? Are
there no markets for the materials?

I need some help with this matter. If anyone has some ammunition I can fire
back at them on these issues, let me know.

Thank you

Buford Hill
Recycle, Garbage is a terrible thing to Waste.

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