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[greenyes] New York City & Marine Transfer Stations & Zero Waste

Tim Logan and Alan Mueller have gotten into a dialog about marine transfer stations to zero waste following an answer I provided earlier in response to a query from a Columbia University student.

I think that both have a point. Yes, as Alan suggests, facilitating lower cost long haul of NYC's waste to far away landfills can be perceived as lifting pressure to find diversion alternatives, which is precisely why I hedged in my answer.

But, by the same token, I daresay that few on this listserve live in a neighborhood with a trash transfer station nearby. If the folks in New York, as Tim infers, can link diversion programs to strategies that also relieve pressure for truck transfer stations in residential neighborhoods, by shifting the transfer points to marine docks, that could be a good thing too.

I'd vote to give the New York folks on the front line all of the support that we can, and hope that TIm will follow up with specific places to write in concret contexts where it might be useful.


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