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Re: [greenyes] Landfill-Recycle Web Site

The closest thing that I've seen to what you need is 1-800-CLEANUP (1-800-253-2687).
It is primarily to help people find local recycling and disposal locations. Your idea idea would be a nice addition to their already extensive source information.

Dan Weisenbach
Weisenbach Specialty Printing, Inc.
437 Holtzman Ave, Columbus OH 43205
614-251-8585 fax:614-251-8440

Amy Hemmert wrote:

I'm in the process of writing an article about the importance of knowing
where your trash goes, and I'd like to recommend that readers schedule an
educational tour at their landfill / recycling facility. Does anyone know of
a Web site where visitors can find out where their trash goes--and ideally
who to contact to arrange a tour--by typing in their zip code? It's easy to
tell people to visit the landfill, but for safety and educational reasons,
I'd like to provide them with a way to contact the appropriate person.
Amy Hemmert Obentec, Inc. amy@no.address

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