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[greenyes] ? on solid waste management planning in NYC

Dear GrassRoots Recycling Network,

I am a student at Columbia's School of Journalism researching a
on New York City's long-term plans for solid waste management and
business of exporting trash out of state.

I am trying to understand the environmental pros/cons and
cost/benefits of reopening New York City's marine transfer stations
and converting them into facilities that could containerize waste
make it easier to transfer out of state.

Can anyone refer me to experts on New York City waste management,
export business and/or the marine transfer of solid waste?

I am also interested in model waste management plans from other
cities that place an emphasis on the reduction on waste. Referrals
any documents or websites would be greatly appreciated.


Leila Darabi

cell: 917-902-6828
email: ld2151@no.address

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