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Re: [greenyes] book recycling -- new york

I work at a public library and we get donations of used book daily. We use
what we can in our collection or sell them at the book sale. But most of the
books that are donated are in poor condition that are not able to use. We recycle
what we can, which is mainly soft cover books. Our city recycling collection
will not take hard cover books. What can we do about this? Even the library
has to toss books sometimes. We would rather recycle everything, but we have no
other options. Please advise.


In a message dated 8/3/2004 9:47:58 AM Pacific Standard Time, amy@no.address
Hi Jason,

Our local library accepts book donations that they sell for .25 - $1 to
raise money for the library. Do you accumulate books that others might be
interested in reading? If so, you might want to see if your library accepts
books that they can resell to raise funds.

Amy Hemmert
Obentec, Inc.

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