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[greenyes] Recycling leaders and the political conventions

GreenYes Colleagues:

One way elected officials evaluate the extent of interest that individuals
and groups have in pursuing specific policies is by seeing who participates in
the political process, including becoming delegates to national political
conventions or by working in campaigns.

In a first of its kind survey, Recycle And Vote Environment (RAVE) is
collecting information about recycling leaders who are delegates to political party
conventions: Democrat, Republican, Green or Reform.

In addition, RAVE is collecting information about individuals active in
campaigns at the state or local level.

Survey Instructions

Delegates: If you or someone you know is a delegate, please take a moment to
answer all the questions below.

Participants in state or local campaigns, please provide your name and answer
questions 5-11.

Survey Questions

1. Name (additional contact information optional):

Delegate Questions - Start Here and Complete List

2. I'm a delegate pledged to support:

3. I became a delegate by (explain process briefly):

4. Is this the first time you have been a delegate to a national party

State or Local Campaigns - Start Here and Answer All Questions

5. Are you active in a political campaign at the state or local level? If
so, in which state or community and why?

6. What background and experience do you have in recycling (two sentence

7. What about your candidate's record or experience indicates that the
presidential candidate would be an effective leader on recycling policy?

8. What is the most important reason you support the candidate?

9. For state and local campaigns, why is this race important to you (two

10. Are you supporting an incumbent?

11. Are you supporting a challenger?

Thank you for participating in this survey!

Recycling And Vote Environment (RAVE)
A nonpartisan project of community solutions designed to inform and educate
opinion leaders and citizens who are recycling advocates.

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