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[greenyes] NRC Extends Awards Deadline to Friday, July 30th

NRC has extended the nominations deadline for its Annual Awards to Friday,
July 30. NRC is accepting nominations in the following categories:

. Outstanding Recycling Organization (for NRC-affiliated ROs) [New Award]
. Recycler of the Year - Lifetime Achievement
. Best Local Elected Recycling Leader [New Award]
. Outstanding Corporate Leadership (The Schmitt Award)
. Outstanding Environmental & Community Leadership (The McClure Award)
. Outstanding Public Education (The Boettner Award)
. Outstanding Community or Government Program
. Outstanding School Program (all levels)
. Outstanding Recycling Innovation - Product or Process
. Outstanding Market Development
. Outstanding Minority Business/Individual Award
. BRBA Award for Innovative New Product or Material

Nominations must be made by an NRC member, but the nominated
person/organization does not need to be a member. Winners will be announced
at the NRC Congress & Expo in San Franscisco, August 29 - September 1, 2004.

For more info on the Annual Awards and the Congress & Expo, please visit or call the NRC office at 202-347-0450.

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