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[greenyes] California Electronic Waste Recycling Fee

I thought the listmembers would be interested in this. I just came across it on the California Integrated Waste Management Board website at

Postponement of the Electronic Waste Recycling Fee

Attention: Newly enacted legislation postpones the start date for the Electronic Waste Recycling Fee collection!
The previously established date to begin collecting the fee (July 1, 2004) has been postponed until November 1, 2004 via AB 901 (Jackson). This delay will take effect immediately and temporarily relieves retailers of the July 1st fee collection obligations. Further developments and updates will be posted through this web site.

Due to difficulties in establishing an efficient fee collection and remittal system for the Electronic Waste Recycling Fee, the Legislature has passed AB 901 (Jackson) as an urgency measure and the Governor has signed the bill into law. Its provisions go into effect immediately.

AB 901 postpones the start date of the fee collection until November 1, 2004. All other provisions of SB 20 and subsequent emergency regulations remain in effect.

Any fee inadvertently collected by a retailer prior to November 1, 2004, should be returned to the consumer. If the consumer cannot be identified, the collected fee must be remitted to the State. Please contact the CIWMB at ewaste@no.address for more information.

The CIWMB recognizes the urgent need for answers and resolution to many outstanding issues, especially those related to fee collection. The CIWMB is working with the State Board of Equalization (BOE) to establish a process for fee collection and develop the answers to these questions. Guidance will be posted through this web site as soon as it is available; please bookmark this site and check back often. Interested parties may wish to subscribe to the electronic waste listserv to receive notice of new developments.

As the Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB) works, in consultation with BOE, the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), and others, to implement this important legislation, more information will be available through this web site. Note that any guidance provided by the CIWMB should not substitute for careful reading of the original statute or subsequent regulations.

Ilana Gauss
Community Affairs/Recycling Coordinator
BFI of Alameda County
42600 Boyce Rd.
Fremont, CA 94538
(510) 657-1350 phone
(510) 657-1263 fax

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