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[greenyes] Re: Seeking CD recycler

For recycling CD's and cases:
*Plastic Recycling, Inc.*
2015 S. Pennsylvania
Indianapolis, IN 46225
(I don't know if they have a website)
We hope to start molding products from the plastic they recover from the disks and cases!

Other possible places to recycle CD's, etc.:
Green Disk 1-800-305-3475
Envirom CD Inc. 1-888-707-9892
Dan Weisenbach
Weisenbach Specialty Printing, Inc.

437 Holtzman Ave, Columbus OH 43205
614-251-8585 fax:614-251-8440

Carper Nancy A Civ AFCEE/TDE wrote:

Seeking COMPACT DISK recycler that will accept CDs without any handling
charges/fees. I will pay postage to recycler.
Nancy A. Carper Integrated Solid Waste Program Manager

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