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[greenyes] Biosolids and pthalates

Another article:

TITLE Study Shows Sludge Treatments Ineffective
SOURCE Environmental Science & Technology, February 1, 2004,
vol. 38, no. 3, p. 53A
ABSTRACT Treated biosolids contain a wide variety of organic
contaminants at low concentrations, such as pharmaceuticals, personal
care products, industrial chemicals, and pesticides, according to
results from the US Geological Survey. This study, one of the first to look
at a host of organic contaminants in sludge, examined treated biosolids
and biosolid-derived products from multiple sources. More than 35
contaminants at concentrations of about 1-100 nanograms per gram were
found, and phthalate concentrations were among the highest. If these results
are indicative of biosolids across the country, then sludges constitute a
ubiquitous, diffuse source of organic contaminants to soil and to water
through runoff.

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