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[greenyes] E-waste images


I've numerous e-waste images just taken while visiting a Federal Prison in Texarkana, TX where UNICOR is running a free e-waste collection program targeting school systems, local government, and other public institutions. The images might make for great persuasive and educational PowerPoint presentations etc. If you 'd like me to email them to you please drop me a line. Each photo is around 80 KB so they're heavy. You may have to clean out your Inbox. I ask that you appropriately cite the source in exchange for their usage and that they not be used by any 'for profit' enterprise or similar purpose.

Please note that these images, including their distribution, do not constitute any endorsement and are being distributed for educational purposes only.

Please e-mail me directly.

Best Regards,

Stephan Pollard
Environmental Dynamics Ph.D. Program
University of Arkansas

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