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Re: [greenyes] eVANGELICAL Environmental Network

Quite a few Christians have been taking notice for quite a long time. I
was involved years ago with Friends' Committee on Unity with Nature, a
Quaker group that (among other things) created EarthLight magazine, a
periodical on spiritual ecology ( As with many social and environmental issues, the "progressive"
churches take notice of things long before the "mainstream" churches. But
of course, that's that case with "progressive" and "mainstream"
individuals, as well.

Sharon Gates
Recycling Specialist
City of Long Beach, California

Camille Armantrout <bobandcamille@no.address>
07/05/2004 09:37 AM

To: GreenYes <greenyes@no.address>
Subject: Re: [greenyes] eVANGELICAL Environmental Network

Very interesting, Peter. What will happen next? We are living in a
fascinating time.

It is about time Christians took notice of the atrocities the wealthy have
created for the poor. I also like the part about the evangelicals having
to overcome credibility issues raised by other enviromental groups.

Camille Armantrout

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