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[greenyes] anit-litter projects

I thought this group would be interested in reading some stories from cities around the US and the world at the Clean & Safe Worldwide website.
Here is an example:

Call for Deposit on Fast Food Wrappers

A deposit on burger wrappers has been suggested as a means of cutting litter in Iowa. The idea is one of more than 30 suggestions submitted to State Rep. Bill Schickel, R-Mason City, through his "There Oughta be a Law" initiative. Last month, Schickel, beginning his second year in the state Legislature, asked for constituents' ideas for new laws.

A Rockford resident wrote concerning the amount of litter she sees on the roads while driving to Mason City. "Years ago we placed a deposit on cans. I would like to see a law similar to that, only with fast-food wrappers, cups and bags," the resident wrote. "If people want to go through the 'drive through,' then charge them a deposit. Then when I drive down the road, I can pick it up (the litter) and take it back to McDonald's or a designated area and receive the deposit money.''

The woman said a law like this would keep the roads cleaner, provide paper that could be recycled and provide a "hobby" for some people who might go out regularly, look for litter and collect the deposit. Schickel said he was impressed with the response and that some of the suggestions might lead to legislation.

Source: Globe Gazette (IA, USA)

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