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[greenyes] Recycle Site for Used Propane Tanks

Good Day all,

I am looking for a little help. We have been receiving calls from
facilities (parks, colleges, and others) throughout the State of California
that are looking for outlets for used propane tanks (like those used for
Coleman equipment or mini Bar-B-Ques). The containers are made of metal,
and can be recycled by metal processor, however, in order to make this
option possible the containers need to be cut in half or punctured in some
way. At this time none of the sites have the capabilities of doing this.

I have heard about equipment for recycling aerosol cans that
curbside programs are using. Are their particular vendors or service
providers within the state providing this service? Can a state facility
participate in a local program or would they be considered a commercial

I know, what ever the solution, several other locations would be
interested in learning about proper recycling opportunities for this

Thank you very much in advance for your assistance.

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