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Re: [greenyes] ECR

Michelle Raymond wrote:
What a concept!

Can you really blame a beverage maker when someone casually tosses the
container on the ground at a park or beach??

Well, maybe at least in part. Beverage makers changed the packaged beverage paradigm from one of shared responsiblity in which a consumer was incentivized by an industry-operated deposit on each container to one where the consumer and government were to take total proudly introducing the "One-Way" can, and later bottle.

I'm old enough to have seen the "No Depost, No Return" transition, and it was definately pushed as a "convenience" for consumers, eventhough they had for decades been returning bottles to retailers when they purchased more beverage. The strong "anti-social" marketing message was it was OK to casually throw your container on the ground or at a park...I remember a magazine ad which showed 2 men fishing, and casting their empties into the river, as the new disposable cans were being touted.

Now, of course, slobs threw refillables about in the 1920's, but I can testify from personal experience that there was keen competition in my neighborhood for the containers with industry deposits of 2cents on beer and three cents on glass pop [soda to you easterners] bottles in the 1960's. My success at recovering them certainly allowed me to complete my baseball card collections each summer [and consume more pop than my parents would buy]!

You CAN make beverage makers [and other product manufacturers] responsible for the choices they make in product and packaging materials, [as well as their marketing practices] and to provide/support a system for reuse/recovery of these materials...

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