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[greenyes] All Organics Landfill Ban Proposed in Norway

Norway moves to end all organic waste dumping
Environment Daily 1685, 11/06/04
Norway's pollution control authority (SFT) has proposed a total ban on
the dumping of biodegradable waste by 2009. The proposal goes far
beyond requirements in the 1999 EU landfill directive (which applies to
Norway even though it is not an EU member), for a 65% reduction from
1995 volumes by 2016.

A total ban would halve methane emissions and cut pollution by seepage
while boosting district heating generation, the agency said in a
statement. The anticipated cut in methane alone would be "the equivalent
of a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from road

According to SFT's Merethe Steen, the "socio-economic utilitarian value"
of the measure between 2005 and 2016 would total NKr220m-1.1bn
(â,¬24m-133m). If the ban were to be implemented, Norway would join a
few other countries, notably Germany and France, in putting stricter
controls in place than specified in the directive. Many other EU
countries face a tough challenge even meeting the law's targets.

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