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[greenyes] SUVs

The Guardian

4x4s into Paris won't go - if SUV ban works

French threat to bar off-roaders from capital echoes London debate

Jon Henley in Paris
Thursday June 10, 2004
The Guardian

Oversized, gas-guzzling 4x4s could be banned from the increasingly
traffic-clogged streets of Paris within the next 18 months following a
resolution passed by the city's council.
"Off-road vehicles are just not suited to towns and you have to wonder why
people drive them," Denis Baupin, a senior Green party councillor who tabled
the resolution, said yesterday.

"They're polluters, they're space-occupiers, they're dangerous for
pedestrians and other road users. They're a caricature of a car."

Under the resolution, SUVs (sports utility vehicles), which are becoming
increasingly popular throughout Europe, could be banned from Paris city
centre during peak pollution periods, and their owners denied residents'
parking permits. Off-roaders could also be barred from protected areas like
the Bois de Boulogne and the banks of the river Seine.

The plan, which would require the approval of the city's police chief and is
certain to meet stiff opposition from the motoring lobby, follows similar
remarks by the mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, who last month described
4x4 vehicles as "bad for London - completely unnecessary" and called their
owners "complete idiots".

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