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RE: [greenyes] European PET Recycling

So here's my question... "Why Not Here?"

There are so many progressive discard management techniques occurring
around the world... except in the USA. The landfill and wasting rate is
on the rise here, when it is falling in the rest of the industrialized

Who is going to blow the whistle on this? I used to think it was the
job of the NRC ... but what do you all think ... is the NRC truly
representing recycling GROWTH in America? Is it the organization that
you all (the GreenYes listservers) are members of that you expect to
provide national leadership? Are we getting national leadership out of

Eric Lombardi
Executive Director
Eco-Cycle, Inc

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June 1 2004

Petcore has announced that more PET bottles were collected and recycled
Europe in 2003 than ever before.

612,000 tonnes of European PET bales were offered to the recycling
in 2003, compared with 449,000 tonnes the previous year, representing a
growth rate of 36 per cent. Trends in market outlets remain unchanged,
bottle-to-bottle recycling increasing from 8.1 per cent in 2002, to 11.1
cent in 2003. Other RPET outlets include polyester fibre (70.4 per
polyester sheet (7.5 per cent) and strapping (7.6 per cent).

Exceptionally high growth rates were seen in Spain, Portugal, Hungary,
Slovakia, the Baltic states and in Ireland. A large increase was also
recorded in the UK, for the first time in many years. Germany and the UK
were the countries contributing most to the increase of bottle export to

Export of RPET rose from 33,000 tonnes in 2002 to 136,000 tonnes last

Petcore director general Frank Koelewijn said: "There is much growth
potential in the new member states, and it is very reassuring to see how
mature collection countries such as Austria, Belgium, France, Italy and
Switzerland, continue to collect more, year after year. The fundamentals
such growth are based on commitments of beverage brands, PET
and above all: committed citizens."

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