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RE: [greenyes] Independent Community Monitors for landfills?

J Spear Associates, Inc. is the Landfill Compliance Officer for the City
of Muskego, Wisconsin. We audit the construction and operation of the
Onyx Emerald Park Landfill, we audited the closure of the Future
Parkland Development Inc. (FPDI) Landfill and regularly review the
groundwater sampling and monitoring results of the FPDI Landfill. Audit
reports are submitted to the standing committees (citizen committees) of
each landfill along with copies to the Mayor's Office and the landfill

In conjunction with CH2M HILL we audit the Charles City Landfill in
Charles City County, Virginia. The county owns the landfill and WMI is
the operator.

Our relationship with Charles City County, Virginia is 16-years old and
our relationship with the City of Muskego is 5-years old.

If you or anyone would like specifics about the projects or our approach
to landfill oversight, please ask.


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J W Spear, Sr., P.E.

J Spear Associates
325 West Vine Street
Milwaukee, WI 53212-3605
Telephone (414) 263-5715
Facsimile (800) 668-7697
Mobile (414) 687-0518
Email jw@no.address

What we do today touches seven generations.

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Subject: [greenyes] Independent Community Monitors for landfills?

Apologies for Cross-Postings

Do you know of any other examples of independent Community Monitors to
oversee the development or expansion of landfills in your area or

Pursuant to a legal settlement governing the expansion of the Altamont
Landfill and Resource Recovery Facility (ALRRF) in Alameda County,
California, the City of Livermore, the City of Pleasanton, the Sierra
Club, the Northern California Recycling Association (NCRA), and Altamont

Landowners Against Rural Mismanagement (ALARM) won the right to have
an independent Community Monitor, funded by the project owner, Waste
Management of Alameda County, Inc.

A Community Monitor Committee has been setup that is hiring a
consultant to represent the interests of the community in seeing that
regulations are properly applied so as to minimize the impacts of the
on the surrounding community. For more details, go to:

Gary Liss
Fax: 916-652-0485

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