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RE: [greenyes] Wine Cork Recycling

A little tidbit of information I picked up recently...

I was speaking with a woman who buys wine and beer for a local chain of
restaurants. I told her I didn't like the use of natural cork but wasn't
too thrilled with the plastic replacement, either.

She said that she expects corks to eventually be replaced with metal
screw tops. They already have been in Australia, but they use corks for
the bottles they market in the US. She also said that there is a
bacterium that is introduced with corks that makes 1 out of 10 bottles
go bad! So oddly enough, she expects the screw top bottles to begin with
the higher end wines.

Linda Smith

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Does anyone have information about where to recycle wine corks in
California or the West?


Adrienne Priselac
US EPA Region 9
Office of Solid Waste and Pollution Prevention

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