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[greenyes] Examples of County jails participating in hauler recycling programs?

I am a recycling coordinator in a County with a Jail facility that houses approximately 4,000 inmates. Recently, 20 oz. plastic soda bottle vending machines were installed for the inmate population. This will dramatically change the waste stream at this facility, which brings me to my question.

Does anyone have any examples of a successful collection program for recyclables generated at the inmate level in a County jail facility? Specifically, do the inmates separate trash from recyclables at the generation point? Do the inmates transport trash/recyclables to collection containers? How are security issues addressed to ensure safety and to alleviate the possibility of using the waste stream to smuggle items in or out of the jail?

Please contact me directly at karen.cook@no.address Thanks.

Karen Cook
Recycling Coordinator, County of Alameda

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