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[greenyes] Year-to-date: 50 billion bottles & cans wasted

In the next few minutes, the "bottle clock" on the CRI website will tick
past the 50 billion mark. At that time, according to our estimates,
Americans will have "trashed" (landfilled, incinerated or littered) 50
billion beverage bottles and cans since January 1, 2004.

This is based on our estimate of 129 billion beverage containers to be
wasted in 2004, or 354 million a day, and over 4,000 each second.

You can monitor the minute-by-minute trashing of beverage containers on our


Jennifer Gitlitz
Research Director, Container Recycling Institute

Home Office:
2 Pomeroy Ave.
Dalton, MA 01226
Tel. (413) 684-4746
Mobile: (413) 822-0115
Fax: (413) 403-0233
Email: jgitlitz@no.address

Container Recycling Institute headquarters:
1911 N. Ft. Myer Dr. #702
Arlington, VA 22209-1603
Tel. (703) 276-9800
Fax: (703) 276-9587

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