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RE: [greenyes] California SB23

Hi Sharon, could this be a new bill with the same number? The old bill
could be retired, since it was passed during the last session. The
number is then reassigned to another totally different bill, kind of
like a sports jersey for a ball team!

Heidi Feldman
Public Education Coordinator
Monterey Regional Waste Management District
Tel.: 831/384-5313 FAX: 831/384-3567

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From: Sharon_Gates@no.address [mailto:Sharon_Gates@no.address]
Sent: Wednesday, May 19, 2004 8:04 AM
To: greenyes@no.address
Subject: [greenyes] California SB23

It appears that something very wierd has happened to California's SB23
it works its way through our legislature. SB23 was a bill to increase
CRV (deposit) amount on beverage containers. Unless the legislative web

page is in serious error, it appears that the bill was "amended"
to remove ALL the previous language and substitute entirely new language

relating to the Office of Criminal Justice Planning. When I saw that
assembly committee analysis of this bill posted on 5/12 was all about
criminal justice and nothing about beverage containers, I thought the
wrong text had been posted by mistake. But today I see the criminal
justice stuff in the amended version of the bill posted yesterday.

Does anybody on this list know anything about this? How can a bill be
"amended" by deleting all previous language and inserting a completely
bill on a completely different subject?

Sharon Gates
Recycling Specialist
City of Long Beach, California

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