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Re: [greenyes] Question


Your question might best be answered by your state Transportation
Department that can either approve or disapprove materials destined for
use in building roads and highways. There are certain performance
requirements that the materials have to meet before they can be
approved. I suppose it is possible that in an area beset by frequent
droughts that dust generation is a factor in deciding the
appropriateness of a road material.


>>> Susan Kramer <susankramer@no.address> 05/18/04 09:48AM >>>
Dear GRRN:
When I have a question I can not resolve, asking the listserve usually
provides an answer.
Here in Wyoming we are experiencing another year of drought.
Today's question: Would using recycled glass for road base decrease
amount ot dust that is generated by driving?
Susan Kramer
Pinedale Wyoming

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