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[greenyes] landfill-friendly states?

Greetings Greenyes mailinglist. I am happy to have joined the list this

I think there are a number of states that have recycling legislation,
and this is the purpose for my post, I want to find out more. I
understand that North Carolina (or is that South?) have recently
introduced a law prohibiting the use or production of
non-refillable/recyclable printer cartridges.

Does anyone have more comprehensive info on this, perhaps a simple list
of states that have such proactive legislation? I am specifically
interested in states that may have legislation in place regarding
printer cartridges or computer electronics.

I ask because the company I work for can help get the word out - we
would like to begin by sending congratulations to 'green' senators,
governors and the states that have started affecting positive change
through legislation and policy.

Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.


Rhett Nye
Courtenay BC Canada

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