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Re: [greenyes] recycling razor blades?

I throw all items made out of steel into a separate container and take it to a local trade metal recycler that pays me for the steel. He takes nontoxic aersol cans, too, like whipped cream cans. He has a machine that slices them in half for recycling.

Maui Recycling Service <info@no.address> wrote:If they're not Sharps try contacting local scrap metal companies.

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Subject: [greenyes] recycling razor blades?

This isn't about anything pertaining to the issues of the day, on the site,
this is a more general issue of recycling. Does anyone know if there is a
way to recycle razor blades? I work in a lab and we have a large box of
used razor blades and don't know the best way to dispose of them.
Kelly Bolger

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