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Re: [greenyes] Re: Changing World Technologies

At 11:16 AM 3/11/2004 -0500, JRay3@no.address wrote:
CWT is real, and their project at the Butterball Turkey plant in Carthage, MO
has been running for many months now. It was featured in an issue of one of
the recycling trade rags last year. Basically, it is a high temperature, high
pressure depolymerization process, akin to crude oil refining. Visit for more info.

The two papers on the site are interesting, but it is not clear, on a quick read, to what extent they reflect actual operating results.

A Google search will bring up plenty of opinions on the matter, including one
from that dismisses the process as incineration in disguise.
They fail to provide any supporting documentation that the use of
turkey-derived oils will release anywhere near the toxins suspected to be released during
the incineration of poultry litter.

But it seems you are confusing the depolymerization of turkey fat (which I think might be doable...) with the incineration of turkey litter (excrement plus wood chips). This is hardly the same thing.

Biodiesel from turkey fat can be a legitimate ingredient in creating a modern
society that more closely resembles something sustainable.

Maybe so. but the company claims to process "(offal, blood, feathers, bones, DAF skimming, grease, etc)"

Lets seem some material/energy balances for the process. An lets see the air permits.

Dismissing all forms of energy recovery from waste without a more careful examination of each
case does not serve the environmental cause well.

Who is doing that.? But that vast majority of cases, when examined, turn out to be undesirable, and are usually some deceptively-repackaged form of incineration.

This CWT process has been so over-hyped than experienced people are bound to be dubious. Let's hope that there is something useful and beneficial in it.

Alan Muller

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