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Re: [greenyes] Mad Cow Disease and Our Times and TV

I know the cancellation of the "Sanford and Sons" TV show was a blow to the
recycling effort but today TV contributes a lot to advance the cause. Take
"Survivor" for instance. People are encouraged to think for themselves, be
creative and resourceful with the little they have. The "Apprentice show" stimulates
entrepreneurs to act on their creative ideas. "Who wants to be a millionaire"
sharpens the wit of those who must think on their feet in front of hostile
County Commissioners, State or Federal officials. I'm not so sure TV is to blame.
I cast suspicion toward the defenders of the status Quo. Not those who are
just to comfortable to embrace change but those who in their position profit so
greatly from the systems that exist today that they can afford to lobby and
buy political favor from those they helped put into office. Those they can buy
out of office if they chose. The largest of corporate operators that own the
collection systems, the landfills (or are contracted to operate them to
infinity) and have the financial resources to purchase influence in one way or
another, stand in the way of change, They frustrate and discourage most activist into
a melancholy stupor. Dizzy from beating their heads against the wall.
Maybe we should get Paris and Nicky to do a show where they more into a
northern California recycling center and experience an epiphany and....
Got to go now, my favorite soap "One Life to live" is on.

Bob Krasowski

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