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[greenyes] re: Worthless Workshops in Sacramento

As someone studying environmental issues, I found this thread of e-mail sad and discouraging. Yes, I'm in academia which means that right now I am not on the back of a recycling truck. But this doesn't mean that people who aren't picking up the recycling and dealing with the day to day of waste don't know anything about the subject. If anything I hope this e-mail thread points to the need for 'people in the trenches' to have a louder voice in govt adminstrations, non-profit orgs, universities, etc. and better dialogue btwn the 'trench workers' and 'bureaucrats and experts'. Increase the dialogue -don't cut it off! If voices are missing, then let's be heard at these kinds of workshops in greater #s, not less. Like Sharon suggested, increase the access...
These emails also seem to say that the bureaucrat or expert side is worthless. That's really short-sighted. Often we see what we want to and believe what we want to - studies and such are done b/c what we think is happening from our 1 point of view isn't how everyone sees things and by understanding things from a broader view we can find better opportunities for change. No, they don't always work but we try and learn from those experiences.
You also can't assume what people have or haven't done in their past - we're all working towards eliminating waste but in different ways. And believe it or not, while they may not be all equally valuable at all times you can't dismiss some kinds of work and knowledge out of hand.
Christa McDermott

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