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Re: [greenyes] Corporation as Psychopath

All good, important questions, Doug. You are probing some truth about "the market" that we all have to understand.

But also good questions are:

- why should corporations not be held to the same standards of accountability as other "persons" under the law (thank you for your posting, Jim Dyer)

- why did Adam Smith warn us (who has the reference here???) of the danger inherent in capitalism/the market in the absence of constraint?


At 02:13 PM 2/25/2004, Doug Koplow wrote:
-What would your ideal system for making goods and providing services, and for creating the jobs people need to earn a living, look like? Is there an existing model where this system has been implemented?

-How would it encourage efficient production, appropriately reward people for their efforts, provide incentives for risk taking and generating new technologies, prevent waste of scarce investment resources, and meet all the various social criteria like environmental protection?

-How would it avoid the problems you see endemic in market capitalism?

-How would it avoid the problems that many socialist economies find themselves in?

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