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Re: [greenyes] Corporation as Psychopath

I wasn't being the least bit defensive -- in fact, I commented that Doug's
tone was such that I could read it without becoming defensive. I was
merely wondering if he really believed what he had written. If so, his
world view is incredibly different from mine, and I find that interesting.
Personally, I like mine better -- but he's perfectly entitled to his

Sharon Gates
Recycling Specialist
City of Long Beach, California

Christine McCoy <cmccoy@no.address>
02/25/2004 12:26 PM

To: greenyes@no.address
Subject: [greenyes] Corporation as Psychopath

Sharon, et al -

Why the need for defense? I just need to ask - and so what if it's what
believes? Some of us may also hold similar opinions - does that make us
less likely to diligently work to increase recycling rates, encourage
product stewardship, or reduce and reuse?

After being personally assailed on this list just a few short years ago,
because I dared to work for industry, I have to caution that we all
each other for what we have to offer our collegues. I didn't become a
monster working for industry and I'm certainly not a saint for going back
the non-profit sector.

Being allowed to speaking freely on such matters is important to all of us
and our professional development. Allowing for various opinions is what
makes the list interesting.

As for Doug - thank you for stating your opinion - three cheers - hip,

Christine McCoy

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