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[greenyes] Re: Workshops in Sacramento

C E F G :-) wrote
Try doing what people in the private sector do -- pay your own way.

I used to work in the private sector, and just about every company I
worked for had a budgeted amount for training. You could spend it on one
out-of-town workshop, or two in-town workshops, or whatever fit your
budget. In order to attend a workshop in Sacramento now, not only would I
have to pay for it entirely myself, but I would have to take vacation time
in order to go. To me, this seems unreasonable for something that is
directly related to doing my job. I believe my situation is fairly common
among government employees these days. If the CIWMB is trying to
disseminate it's messages and expertise, then I believe that they are
missing a large portion of their target audience by limiting events to the
Sacramento area.

Sharon Gates
Recycling Specialist
City of Long Beach, California

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