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Re: [greenyes] corporations

At 08:05 AM 2/25/2004 -0500, you wrote:

If I may make a constructive note on the corporation issue. I am not sure corporations are the axis of evil per se.

Agreed. It is not a question of evil intent. But the more "efficient" the system becomes at "maximizing stockholder value," narrowly defined, without regard to broader social issues and needs, the more danger we are in. There is already a corporate-controlled "world government" evolving under the label of World Trade Organization, etc. The big transnationals are rapidly escaping from the control of national governments. (And many of the right-wingers who yap about loss of "national sovereignty" and complain about the UN don't seem to notice or mind....)

When corporations were originally chartered in the US for the operation of large enterprises with long life cycles, such as canals and railroads, people saw the need but were aware that they could be opening Pandora's box, and they tried to build controlling mechanisms into corporate charters and the associated statutes. We have lost these controls. How do we get them back?

Privately held enterprises have more flexibility in the agendas they pursue, but they are out-of-control in different ways.

But this is a rant that departs considerably from recycling issues per se.

Alan Muller

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