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Re: [greenyes] Albany Times Union..."Expand the bottle law"

Might I also add, that the added tax would only apply to People Who Choose to Consume Beverages in Single-Use Container! Not that long ago, parents sent their kids to school with a thermous full of milk or juice and they drank water when they came home.
Camille Armantrout

Pat Franklin <pfranklin@no.address> wrote:

Albany Times Union

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Expand the bottle law

A much weaker argument against an expanded bottle bill is that it would be a
new tax on consumers, or, as come industry critics claim, a "children's tax"
because it would fall heavily on the beverages consumed by the young. But a
deposit is not a tax. It becomes one only if the consumer chooses not to
seek a refund. Then and only then.

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