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[greenyes] Looking for environmental book ideas

Michelle Smith requests:

"I am in the process of compiling a list of books, essays, poetry, etc.
for our "more information and resources" section of the campus
environmental policies and practices manual we are putting together. . . "

Here are some that I have particularly enjoyed and found stimulating, and

I encourage people to submit favorites to this list, just 'cause it's fun, interesting, and elucidating. . .

Amy Stewart. 2004 The Earth Moved: On the remarkable achievements of earthworms.
Algonquin Press.

Joe Jenkins. The Balance Point: Searching for a spiritual missing link.

Joe Jenkins. Humanure Book: A Guide to Composting Human Manure.

Janine Benyus. Biomicry.

Mary Appelhof
Mary Appelhof, Author of "Worms Eat My Garbage"
Flowerfield Enterprises,10332 Shaver Road,Kalamazoo, MI 49024 USA
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"Changing the way the world thinks about garbage"

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