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[greenyes] Workshops in Sacramento


Try doing what people in the private sector do -- pay your own way.

Then next year when you prepare your tax return you will have an itemized

Besides many of these workshops/seminars are just busy work for too many
bureaucrats with nothing better to do. Spending a day on the rear-end of
a garbage truck or a recycling vehicle will teach everyone more than 99%
of the overpriced workshops/seminars. Most of the big buck consultants
at the workshops/seminars have never spent a day collecting what they
profess to know all about.

This could be sarcastically called "where the rubber meets the road" a
place that more coordinators, planners, consultants and specialists need
to invest some real time learning about garbage and recycling. Also make
sure to pack a brown bag for lunch or hopefully a McDonald's will be
as 20 minutes is about all the time a driver has available if he/she
wants to be home for dinner.

Regards..... C. William

# # # # # # # # # #
"Make everyday an Earth Day."

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