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Re: [greenyes] Identity theft?

Hi Amy--

I know of NO documented cases...but do know of may from stolen mail [from mailboxes] and from refuse containers. I'm sure that its just as possible from a curbside bin or drop off center if people are not careful with personal information they discard in whatever form....

Pete Pasterz, Manager
Office of Recycling and Waste Management
Michigan State University
Chair, College and University Recycling Council
National Recycling Coalition

"UNLESS someone like YOU cares a whole awful lot,
nothing is going to get better. It's not." -- The Lorax

>>> Amy Perlmutter <amyperl@no.address> 02/23/04 04:10PM >>>
I have noticed that a lot of people who recycle newspapers don?t recycle
mixed paper. Back when I was a recycling coordinator I remember some people
telling me that they didn?t want people rifling through their mail like they
did with their bottles and cans. I?m just curious if anyone knows of any
cases of identity theft, invasion of privacy, or other such problems that
have stemmed from mixed paper recycling.

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