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[greenyes] graphics and photos needed for Eco-Cycle

Hi All,

We are seeking digital photos or graphics of the following for a community presentation we are organizing. PLEASE send us what you have if you can. We need them to be the standard digital camera quality of 300 dpi, and both "tif" and "jpg" files will work.

Thank you!!
a.. People living off landfills
b.. Depackaging programs in the stores
c.. Photo of a large composting facility
d.. Photo of high tech automated recycling processing
e.. School Recycling/Composting - cool new images
f.. DFE or EPR in action ... now that's challenging
g.. Any cool graphics showing Zero Waste in action.
h.. dramatic photos of environmental destruction either from leachate or from clearcuts, mining, etc.
i.. Incinerators belching
j.. Landfill leaking
k.. Citizens protesting bury/burn facilities
l.. any other great images any of you have that we should show our community related to our chosen work

Thanks so much ... and please send the images directly to me, not to GreenYes ... eric@no.address


Eric Lombardi


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