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RE: [greenyes] Recycled pencils

We ordered 10,000 recycled money pencils and are very dissatisfied with
them. We don't even distribute them, they are tough on electric pencil
sharpeners and our school district is strapped enough for cash w/o broken
pencil sharpeners. I can send you a whole bunch of our pencils that are
sitting around gathering dust!

Get samples, lots of all types, and try sharpening them and writing with
them before you order. I even used specification asi/88390 - GP2! The lead
seemed too soft also, I don't like writing with it.

A few folks that carry them are Amazing Recycled Products, Paradigm, Adapt
Ad Specialty, or Reflections by David.

We did like the fiberboard pens, just don't get them wet!

Katherine Murray
Waste Reduction Planner
City of Austin, Solid Waste Services

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