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Hi Helen and Michelle: Helen, what I'm understanding is that you are in
favor of companies utilizing their innovative energies to design systems
that will take responsibility for their products and/or packaging. I think
I've seen that with some companies like Xerox and Interface that never
really sell you their product. They will only lease it to you and then take
it back at the end of its useful life to reuse or recycle the still-good
parts and pieces. That seems efficient, especially within the commercial
sector where there may be a fairly good infrastructure for product support.

But how do you respond to the recent report from the Northwest Product
Stewardship Council that appears fairly damning of industry led efforts to
actually get their e-waste back from computer consumers (see it at
t.pdf> )?

-- AC
Alex Cuyler
Recycling and Solid Waste Specialist
City of Eugene Planning and Development Department
phone: (541) 682-6830
fax: (541) 682-6806

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