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[greenyes] Producer responsibility

As Paul Hawken has tried to get us to understand: we have to get the
industrial system to clean up after itself, not clean up after it.

I'm among the 14% who don't think beverage producers should be taxed to
clean up after environmental problems that they did not create.

Hi Helen: I read what you write with great interest. I've copied two
quotes from posts you made today on different subjects, above. I'm
confused, frankly. Beverage producers do indeed create environmental
problems by utilizing difficult to recycle container designs, by minimizing
the amount of recycled content they are willing to use, and by opposing
container return legislation. If we don't utilize taxes to get industry to
clean up after themselves, what tools do you suggest we use? Thanks.-- AC

Alex Cuyler
Recycling and Solid Waste Specialist
City of Eugene Planning and Development Department
phone: (541) 682-6830
fax: (541) 682-6806

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