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Re: [greenyes] Recycling Discussion Format

Hi Shaun,

I understand entirely. The infopop's
Ultra Bulletin Board system is excellent, no doubt!
I think I might know the answers to the below questions,
but I'm not an infopop subscriber, and they may
have altered the UBB system a bit, so your answers
will greatly help me.

Does the email you receive from infopop
only tell you there was a reply to your query,
or does it give you the body of the email?

Can you then reply to the email and have it
automatically forward to _everyone_ on
the list as well as post to the forum?

Can you send an email to 'biodiesel@no.address'
or some such and have it automatically post to the forum?

I'd be interested in these things, primarily because
it would not alienate many of our email-preferring
GreenYes members.

Ezmlm (our list type) automatically removes users
whose email is bad after the address bounces a few times.
Does UBB automatically remove invalid members?

The previous bulletin board failed because we didn't have
anyone regularly posting in it. People preferred the list.
We actually used UBB in it's free beta form. After a year
of no posts, we scrapped it and never went back.
UBB has since gone commercial.

Time and involvement is surely the largest cost, eh?

(Note: I'd like to take this off list, as it is certainly way off topic.
Of course suggestions for list changes should be sent to info@no.address
and not GreenYes list.)

Thank you!


----- Original Message -----
From: "Maui Recycling Service" <info@no.address>
To: "Chris Sparnicht" <chris.sparnicht@no.address>; "GreenYes"
Sent: Wednesday, February 11, 2004 1:00 PM
Subject: Re: [greenyes] Recycling Discussion Format

Aloha again,

"a. We don't have to worry about removing bad email addresses. They remove

In the Infopop control panel we have the following option:

'Verify User Email Address?
For tighter security, you may want to require that your registered users
have valid email addresses. This is accomplished by getting the user to
click on a confirmation link emailed to them.'

And only people who want to participate will.

"Fewer viruses spread because we strip all html and attachments."

The Infopop control panel lets you decide whether or not you want to allow
html and attachments.

"The message gets across without flashy or inappropriate ads."

If you look at the biodiesel discussion forum I listed you will see there
are no ads, no flash, unless of course, you want to allow that. It can
be as plain or flashy as you want it to be.

"People who pay by the minute for internet aren't subjected to huge
and wasteful html."

As listed above this is controlled by the site administrator. And once
the parameters are set there's no more management of that function.

"This is an affordable solution for GRRN."

If you don't want to spend any money, than you are right, but as I said
before I am willing to cover some of the cost, and it's really not that
expensive (I guess that's relative though).

"Previous attempts at a bulletin board community failed.
Our current format brings the information directly to
the community in your mailbox."

Would you be interested in describing what you mean by "failed"? Once a
member of an Infopop forum sets email notifications, the info is also
directly to your mailbox.

I am happy to answer more questions, but if you don't want to change the
system, I understand. I would just like to see a more comprehensive format
for sharing info.

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