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[greenyes] Re: e-waste survey

Hello Rod is a tonne = 1,000 kilos (~2,200 pounds) ? or 2,000 pounds?

>>> "McCormick, Rod (CON)" <Rmccormick@no.address> 02/11/04 04:20PM >>>
A report on our pilot e-waste collection program in Manitoba, Canada is
available at the link below. We got 93.5 tonnes over two days. Among the
findings was that personal computer products were 38% of the material left
on the weekend, with televisions making up 42% and other consumer
electronics were 20% of what citizens left. There is a detailed inventory of
what was left.
I also made a presentation on the project to Electronic Product Stewardship
Canada at

Rod McCormick
Pollution Prevention Branch
Manitoba Conservation

Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 16:04:41 -0500
To: <greenyes@no.address>
From: "Blair Pollock" <bpollock@no.address>
Subject: Electronics generation rates for one-day collection events?
Message-Id: <s0290123.037@no.address>

I am trying to project electronics that could be generated at a one-day =
event (earth day) if restricted to just computers and cell phones.=20

Our two each one-day events included all electronics (we held 2 events =
before switching to perm) at each event we got about 370 people and 16.5 =
tons of electronics or 89 lb/person. A rough est. of computers and =
peripherals only, extracting stereos, fax machines, etc, (we didn't =
accept TVs at that time) was 71 lb/person. In a county w/ 55,000 homes, we =
had 0.6% participation for each event.=20

I am looking for other data of a similar nature to help project at another =
regional event. Thanks for any help you can render.=20


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