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[greenyes] Recycling Discussion Format

Aloha all,

I've been participating in the GreenYes list for about two years now and
find it to be a very valuable resource (I have been able to continue our
tin recycling program and introduce cell phone recycling because of information
I received from this list), but I find that the format is not very user
friendly. I own a recycling company (Maui Recycling Service -
and I'm very interested in having a different format for recycling discussion
and seeing if there is interest within the GreenYes list to do the same.

As part of my renewable energy advocacy, I currently cohost and moderate
a discussion forum on biodiesel fuel at

and find that format to be far more useful for sharing info on issues than
an email version. Not to put the GreenYes list down or anything, it is
a terrific resource, but it lacks organization by Category and Topic for
easy retrieval.

I want to ask the list if there is interest in complementing or maybe replacing
the GreenYes list with a discussion forum format, like the one listed above,
or some other similar alternative listed below?

It's possible that this could initially be done at no cost with some of
the options available, and maybe some GreenYes members have info on these.
I'm personally familiar with the Infopop forum since that is what I cohost
and moderate, and that format can start at a very low monthly fee.

If there is interest in putting this together, I am willing to help and
even contribute some of the monthly expense. If there is no interest I'm
willing to go ahead and set a forum up at my expense. I just think it's
time the recycling industry had a good forum format to use for sharing info
on the many, and ever increasing, recycling issues that we face. I know
I'm always on the lookout for markets and means to get to the market for
various commodities, especially for technology waste.

Looking forward to feedback on this,

Shaun Stenshol
Maui Recycling Service,
Bio-Beetle Rentals
Maui Green Energy
Maui Recycling Service
(808) 244-0443
"If not now, when?"

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