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[greenyes] Due 2/15 - Stephanie Davis Clean Med Conference Scholarship Application

Please help spread the word about the Stephanie Davis Waste Reduction
Scholarship to the upcoming Clean Med conference in Philadelphia, April

The scholarship is for an individual interested in health care waste
reduction who has initiated or undertaken waste reduction or
environmentally preferable purchasing work with healthcare facilities.

The scholarship is in honor of Stephanie Davis, a Clean Med attendee and
waste reduction champion. Go to <> and scroll
down to "Stephanie Davis Waste Reduction Scholarship." The deadline is
February 15th - in a little more than a week. Applications are to be
submitted electronically. The application form is very simple so
please encourage any interested individuals to apply.

If you are interested in contributing, you may send a check to the
Environmental Health Fund, noting "Stephanie Davis Fund" on the memo
line to: 41 Oakview Terrace, Boston, MA 02130. Contributions are tax

Thank you!

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