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Re: [greenyes] Environmental Committees
Hi Larry,

One useful place to look is Alameda County, CA. The key is they have a lot of funding from a disposal surcharge, which was created through a ballot initiative (Measure D). Measure D created The Alameda Co. Source Reduction and Recycling Board in 1990. The board is responsible for programs in the area waste reduction, recycled product procurement, market development, and grants to non-profit organizations. There is a lot more information on their web site.

Best Regards,
Nina Bellucci

On Monday, January 26, 2004, at 09:05 AM, Larry H. Litten wrote:

We are looking for models of town committees with broad environmental policy
and program purview. We are looking for advice as we explore our options. If
there is a more appropriate list to which this request should be sent, we would
like to learn about it.

Larry H. Litten
Chair, Hanover Recycling Committee


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