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[greenyes] Rollcarts in streets
Colleagues:  In anticipation of a meeting I'm having with our city attorney,
I'm looking for information about issues related to allowing the placement
of rollcarts on streets.  We've prohibited it in the past, but now that we
have a three cart system with about 30 percent of the population placing
carts in the street anyway, we're attempting to allow it.  

Anybody have experiences with this?  I think the attorney is having visions
of cars hitting carts, causing them to fly through the air and colliding
with pedestrians and subsequently being sued.  I'm envisioning 100% percent
cooperation from residents, neatly placing their carts side by side with
little or no contamination, and then returning them to their homes
immediately after collection.

The question is, which one of us is more naïve? 

Thanks in advance for any information provided. -- AC

Alex Cuyler
Recycling and Solid Waste Specialist
City of Eugene Planning and Development Department
phone: (541) 682-6830 
fax:      (541) 682-6806

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